Task Management

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  • This menu used for Task Creation , Subtask Creation ,Task Applicability , Task Assignment , Transfer Task , Task Cycle Detail , Task Information , All Task Update .


  • There are two pages in Task
    1. Add Task
    2. Task List



  • Here you can add new task. Below image show, you the screen when you click on add task. 
  • Fields with * are must be fill. 
  • Enter Task name, Department to which task is related, 
  • Mode(one time: it means task can occurs only one time like PAN Card application, Company registration. , Recurrence task which occurs repeatedly (On selection of Recurrence, you will get one field name Frequency so here you can decide task repeat period like Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly, Yearly). 
  • For Monthly reoccurrence task, you will get all twelve task for particular financial year in approval page with appropriate effective date (For 1st month – April Effective date would be 1 May & for 2nd month – May Effective date would be 1 June….) 
  • I.e. For GST MONTHLY RETURNS & GST QUARTERLY RETURNS, You must enter both services as task separately. 
  • After saving data one popup window will open here, you need to enter subtasks (Subtasks means steps of task, At least 1 sub-task is necessary for every new task). 
    • Collection of Documents and papers – Order 1 
    • Preparation of Sales Register to upload – Order 2 
    • Preparation of Purchase register to upload – Order 3 
    • GST Payment calculation – Order 4 
    • Reconciliation With GSTN – Order 5 
    • Review By Senior  - Order 6 
  • Here Order means steps serial number, So If 1st order task will complete only then second Order subtask will appear on concern employee’s dashboard with Default Onboard status. 
  • You can assign different order subtask to different employee. Only subtask will show on Employee dashboard if its order come, & From Current job or Task schedule page Employee can see all assigned subtask to him/her whether its order comes or not. 
  • Here you must need to assign employee to each subtask that you can change at the time of approval. & even after approval, you can transfer task from one employee to another. 
  • You must enter at least one subtask for each task, otherwise it will not reflect in other pages. 


 Sub Task :


  • Here you can see/edit the list of all tasks. 
  • By Click on edit button, you can see list of particular task’s subtask list and from here you can edit subtask. & edited subtask will not effect on already approved task. It will effect from next applicability. 
  • Moreover, you can narrow your search by using filters.


  • There two module in task applicability

             1) Set Recurrence Task.

             2) Start Single Task. 

  • From Task applicability, you can start new services for client.


  • From This page you can applicable recurrence service to your client 
  • This is one time procedure Ones you have started any recurrence service to any client it will repeated year by year automatically. 
  • Here you can applicable service on based of client & Task. 
    1. On based on Task (Default), you can apply one task to multiple clients. 
    2. If you select task from task drop down field list of clients will appear with heading New Client & Applied. 
    3. Now to applicable task, you need to select particular client or list clients & Click on add new button so selected client will go in applied side. 
    4. & all applied task will come to approval page, 
    5. Here Default start date would be todays date, if you want to start any task from previous date then you need to change start date appropriately. 
    6. I.e. today is 05/01/2016, Now I want to start work of VAT Return Monthly for X Client from August – 2015, then select any date of August – 2015. So you will get 8 Months work in task approval page (Aug – 2015 to Mar – 2016). & from next financial year, you will get 12 months’ work in task approval page. 
    7. Same logic will apply on Quarterly, Half yearly and yearly task. 
    8. Note - Task will goes on Employee Dashboard only after approval. 
    9. On based on Client, you can apply multiple task to one client. & all other procedure and logic will remain same like based on task. 
  • From Here Even you can discontinue any service for client. For this select client from applied list and click on Remove button. & It will Effect from next year. & to remove current year work use cancel task page located in Task Menu.

  • Apply multiple task to one client :


  • From this page, you can start single task like Pan Card application, Company formation, Agreements. & even you can start reoccurrence task for particular period only. I.e. From here you can start work of VAT Return Monthly for August – 2015 for X Client. So here, only Work of August will apply.


  • There are two pages in task approval 

        1) Task Approval  

        2) Approval Task List


  • After applicability of task for particular client, that task (Sub task) will show here. 
  • And after approval of that task, it will goes to particular employee's dashboard on specific time(On Effective date). 
  • Here you can set many things describe as below. 
  • Here you can set many things like Task Admin (Task will get all auto notification related task on Email and SMS, & If Any employee put this task on “Pending for Approval” status, Task admin will get notification and Task admin can approve or reject work. 
  • Effective date – From this date task will goes on concern Employee’s dashboard. You can change it by click on it. 
  • Deadline date - You can set deadline date for any task, If work not complete before deadline date, auto email notification will fire to Application Admin, Task Admin, & Working Employee. & Particular task will appear red color on dashboard and Current Job Page. 
  • Bill Amount – Here you can describe predefine bill amount. & At the time of Bill creation for particular task system will show you predefine Bill amount. 
  • Description – You can describe anything over here. 
  • On Click on “+” Sign All subtask will appear & From here you can manage below things. 
  • Employee – Here predefine Employee will come; You can change it by click on dropdown and can select one or multiple employee. 
  • Due Date – You can set due date sub task wise. 
  • Estimated Hour – You can set estimated hour here. So at the end you can get report of Estimated costing VS Actual costing VS Invoice amount. 
  • Description – You can describe anything over here. 
  • To Approve task click on approve button. You can directly approve any task without set any fields that we discussed and you can narrow your search by using filters.


  • Here you can see the all approved task list which is approved from “Approval task list” Page. 
  • Here you can change many things like, Estimated Hour, Effective date, Deadline date (Task Due date), Due date(Subtask due date), Task admin. 
  • And you can narrow your search by using filters.


  • Here you can change many things in bulk like, Effective date, Deadline date (Task Due date), Task admin, Remark, Predefined Bill Amount.


  • Transfer Task  : There are two module into it.
    1)Transfer Single Task 2)Transfer All Task 



  1. From Here user can transfer task to other employee or Multiple Employee. 
  2. By Click on Remove from current Employee check box, particular task will remove from current employee and transfer to selected employee. Otherwise, task will forward to other employee and task will stay on current employee.


  • From Here user can transfer all task to other employee.


  • From this reporting page, you can get information like who has approved task, to whom task has been given, & If task has transferred to other employee then you can get this detail with Date & Time of particular action. 
  • In addition, you can narrow your search by using filters. 
  • You can export data to Excel Sheet by click on Excel button located at Upper right corner of grid box.


  • In this page user can see all task and its subtask related detail. 
  • Important reporting page to know full detail related to any task. 
  • By Click on “+” Sign, you will get the subtask wise detailed information. 
  • By Click on Last column green button, you can get detailed log of particular task.


  • From User can enter time to any task rather it is assigned to him/her or not. 
  • I.e. If User A Helping to other Employee on particular task for 2 hour, but this task is not assigned to A, So by using this page A can make entry of 2 hours in particular task. 
  • From Here User cannot change status of subtask.


  • In this page user can see ongoing task related detail employee wise. 

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