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  • In this setup module there will all master pages were included




  • User can add or view list of country. 
  • Which will use in Client master & Employee master


2. State Info:

  • User can add or view list of state. 
  • Which will use in Client master & Employee master

3. City Info:

  • User can add or view list of city. 
  • Which will use in Client master & Employee master


1.TAB – Firm Info : 

  • Here you can mention all basic firm information. 
  • Mention Firm Name, Contact detail, Bank Information & Other TAX related data will print in Invoice & Receipt. 
  • You will get all auto Email and SMS related to firm on mention email address & Phone Number over here. 
  • Tax set up will help in Billing and Receipt. 
  • On updating this page admin, be notified by email. 
  • You can also add multiple firm form here and you can add firm documents.
  • You can also add or update the firm type with firm type button

2. TAB – Firm Document

  • Here you can upload all firm related documents. Will not reflect anywhere in application.

3. TAB – Add Multi Firm:

  • Here you can add multiple firm by filling basic Information. 
  • You can Use Multi Firm in Accounting means you can raise Bill or Receipt Multi Firm wise. You cannot use Multi Firm to Bi-forget Client, Task or Employee. 

4. TAB – Tax Detail:

  • Here you can add different kind of taxes. 
  • Will reflect in Account menu. 

5. TAB – Currency:

  • Here you can add different currency and its rate as per country. 
  • Will reflect in Account menu and also available into client master 

6. TAB – Invoice:

  • We have two default invoice format 
  • You can select one of them at a time 


  • User can manage (add/modify) departments of your firm in this web application through Department master menu. 
  • User can add and edit department detail form here. 
  • User can also download department detail into excel sheet


  • Here user can setup system's SMTP Setting & all email will shoot through described SMTP setting. You can set SMTP User wise.
  • Here User can set own SMTP & If SMTP is not described then particular login will take Administrator’s SMTP Setting.


Financial Year: 

  • Click on “Start New Year” Button Next year is all reoccurrence task will come on Task Approval pages. 
  • Nothing will happen to old year’s tasks.
  • Select close button to close financial year .it will generate recurrence task for the next year.


  • From here user can add help files for particular task, which is help full to employee when he is working on the task. 
  • User can add logically as well as physically files form here 


  • There are two option for uploading file for internal help:
    1. Soft Copy
    2. Hard Copy

  • For uploading soft copy file:

1.For uploading hard copy :(File Location)


  • From here user can see list of internal help file task wise. 
  • User can also able to search task from help list using below field. 
    1. Task  
    2. Subtask  
    3. Date (From Start Date to End Date


  • Role management means to grant permission for work on particular pages to particular employee 
  • In CAOA Application administrator has full rights to decide who can see or edit particular pages or who cannot. 
  • Administrator has by default full rights. & user cannot change it. 
  • Here you can define and assign role to employee


  • Here you can define role by filling basic info. 
  • Once you define Role name then you will get list of all pages, which are available in application with check box. 
  • For particular role, just check (click) the box which you want to give permission to access. & click assign rights. 


  • Here you can assign particular role to particular employee. 
  • You can assign particular role to more than one employee. 
  • In addition, showing employee has which role. 
  • From List User can change Role. 


  • Here you can see/edit the all defined role list. 
  • To edit click on particular role name & then you can change permission. & it will effect from next login. 
  • User can also able to download role list in excel sheet from it.


  • Here you can manage hierarchy,  i.e. You can give rights of Article to One senior person (Reporting person) so Senior can watch all related reports of Articles & Even make entry behalf of them. 


  • From this page you can manage which Employee can see Inward as “Client Login” (Automatic Inward generates when client upload any document from their login)


  • From here user can configure All Auto Email and SMS. Means you can manage particular type of Auto Email or SMS may shoots from application or Not. 
  • In addition, user can see Email and SMS template from here.


  • From here user can reset password of employee or client. 
  • & By Click on Send Button Employee or Client will get one Email & SMS with full detail like, Login URL, Select Employee or Client Tab, User ID & Password


  • From here user can reset password of employee by selecting employee name from employee list or else by search username.


  • From here, you can reset password of client.


  • You can upload your data in bulk with the help of bulk upload 
  • Select the demo file, fill in it, and upload to the system. 


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